Mary Caroline has always had a flair and passion for design.

In 2000, Mary Caroline moved to New York City to follow her true calling and pursue interior design. She enrolled in the New York School of Interior Design and, soon after, accepted an internship with renowned interior designer Bunny Williams. Upon completing her internship, Bunny hand-picked Mary Caroline to be her assistant.

Mary Caroline then went on to work as a senior designer for Richard Keith Langham’s celebrated New York City  design firm. After these incredibly enriching experiences, she decided it was time to “hang out her own shingle" and made the move to Southwest Virginia to be closer to family. Based in downtown Bristol VA/TN,
MCM Interior Design was born in 2006.

Mary Caroline’s first love is her family, which includes her devoted and ever-supportive husband and wonderful twin boys. She is deeply rooted in her community through philanthropy, service and her involvement on several key boards, seeking to create beauty wherever possible. Mary Caroline is an avid traveler, drawing design inspiration from all over the globe. She also loves sports, as both an avid pickle ball player and fan, and can be found cheering for the University of Georgia …Go Dawgs!

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mary caroline mumpower

designer & owner

I'm passionate about making your house a home

There are simple but effective things we can do together to turn your house into a calming, beautiful home that you'll never want to leave.

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